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Wade's Farm & Home, Inc.

About Us

Wade’s Farm & Home, Inc., is a family owned company that has been in existence for 17 years, started by Steve and Debbie Wade of Corning. It satisfies a need in the Southern Tier for a business that sells products needed by dairy farmers, hobby farmers, livestock growers, home gardeners, bird watchers and the urban or suburban homeowner.

Wade’s sells a vast variety of animal feeds, including feed for cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, llamas, alpacas, rabbits, dogs and cats. We carry only quality feeds from such producers as Agway (Cargill), Southern States, Triple Crown, Legends, and Shur-Gain. Our selection of wild bird feeds is one of the largest around, ranging from our best-selling Wade’s mixes, to various size bags of black oil and grey stripe sunflower seed, nyjer seed, safflower seed, sunflower hearts, peanut pieces, suet cakes and seed blocks.

We are one of the largest agricultural fencing suppliers around, carrying a complete line of smooth and barbed wires, welded and woven wires, poultry netting, wire panels, and hardware cloths. We also sell treated wood fence posts, wood fence posts, and steel t-posts or lug-u posts. Our fencing accessories selection is very extensive, making us the place to go for everything from your multi-acre job to the small fencing project.

Outdoorsmen and deer hunters will find all kinds of deer-plot seeds, mineral mixes, and attractants at Wade’s. We sell bulk clover, turnip, brassica, soybean, and buckwheat seeds, as well as all the Imperial Whitetail, Biologic, and Evolved Habitats seed mixes. Fertilizers and soil conditioners that work especially well on these seeds are sold as well. Automatic feeders and game cameras are in stock also.

Canning supplies are available at Wade’s year round. You can always find canning jars, lids, canners, pickling salts, sugar cures, and a variety of Mrs. Wages pickling mixes and sauces. Our customers use canning year round, for garden fresh vegetables and fruits, to seasonal meats. For the novice canner, we have books that explain the canning process from start to finish.

Lawn and garden products make up a big part of Wade’s business in the spring, summer and fall. We have soils, mulches, fertilizers, garden and flower seeds, and lawn seeds. If you have a problem with lawns, trees, insects, and other pests, Wade’s can give you the expert advice you need to correct it!